Property developments at Samoëns



Construction: 4 Chalets with luxury flats
Delivery date: Winter 2023

Why invest in Samoëns?

Why invest in the village voted “Most beautiful village in Haute-Savoie”? The answer is quite simple.

Samoëns, the village of seven mountains, Cuidex, Vigny, Folly, Oddaz, Bostan, Chardonnière and La Vullie, is an open-air cultural heritage site.

Take advantage of its narrow streets to explore the authentic charm of this town that is almost a thousand years old.

The Grand Massif ski area, one of the largest in the French Alps, is within easy reach. The resort organises major events in both summer and winter, including the World Ice Swimming Championships, the Testival paragliding festival and the 1600 Mountain Festival at the foot of the slopes.

The charm and authenticity of Samoëns are internationally recognised, thanks to the large-scale tourist infrastructure and a ski area accessible to all.

Why buy a new flat in Samoëns?

Samoëns and the Vallée du Giffre are considered to be a permanent place to live, thanks to their proximity to road access, as well as a holiday and investment destination. This geographical location offers the widest possible range of investment opportunities.

You can just as easily think of this new purchase as your next place to live, designed and adapted to your everyday life. New homes guarantee energy performance in line with the 2020 Environmental Regulations (RE2020), savings and unrivalled living comfort.

Since September 2023, Samoëns has been one of the communes eligible for the Prêt à Taux Zéro (PTZ). This category offers first-time buyers easy access to finance if they want to make it their main residence, but also reveals strong rental demand for those who want to make it a long-term investment.

As a second home or rental investment, the village is an ideal, dynamic and, above all, wonderfully beautiful holiday destination.

The clientele is international, particularly British, which accounts for 25%. Investing in a new-build property allows you to better manage your arrival or that of your tenants, thanks to an underfloor heating system that can be controlled remotely, for example.

Our projects in Samoëns and Grand Massif

Your property developer in Samoëns

L&L PROMOTION’s very first development is in Samoëns, “Le Clos Albarosa”, a village that represents the foundation stone of the L&L PROMOTION edifice.

Since then, our love for the village and its valley has continued unabated, with a total of 4 developments and 46 homes in recent years.

We’re proud to have built up a solid reputation with local residents and to be able to offer quality property developments in keeping with the charm of the area.