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Property developments in Vetraz-Monthoux



Construction: 4 Duplex villas
Delivery date: 2025

Why invest in Vétraz-Monthoux?

Vétraz-Monthoux is a charming commune ideally located in the north of Haute-Savoie, within easy reach of Geneva and the Swiss border. Its privileged location, between town and country, makes it very attractive. It offers its residents unrivalled living comfort: a haven of peace just a stone’s throw from the border.

Despite strong demographic pressure due to its highly sought-after location, Vétraz-Monthoux has nonetheless preserved its calm and green living spaces. 

Vétraz-Monthoux is home to a number of school groups, from primary to secondary school. 

Villa neuve Vétraz-Monthoux

Why buy a new house or flat in Vétraz?

Vetraz-Monthoux, with its exceptional location, its proximity to Switzerland, its infrastructure and the main roads that make daily life easier, is in zone A.

This zoning allows first-time buyers to qualify for the most attractive zero-rate loan (PTZ). It’s a great way to make a considerable contribution to the purchase of your future home.

Are you looking to invest rather than live? Zone A allows investors to benefit from tax relief under the PINEL tax scheme. Rent, harvest and reduce your tax bill at the same time.

Buying a VEFA (Vente en Etat Futur d’Achèvement) also means you can enjoy premium comfort that meets “RE2020” environmental standards. Control your heating and manage your consumption more effectively with a remote underfloor heating control system.

Benefit from south-facing architecture for natural room heating and optimum insulation.

Our projects at Vétraz-Monthoux

L&L Promotion has developed residential property and new homes in Vétraz-Monthoux.

L&L, property developer in Vétraz-Monthoux

For a decade, L&L PROMOTION has been the essential guide to your property ambitions in Vétraz-Monthoux and Annemasse. Thanks to our roots in the Haute-Savoie region, we have acquired in-depth knowledge of the local market, enabling us to offer you unrivalled expertise.

Deciding to invest in a new-build home is a significant step, and we’re here to ensure you have a calm and rewarding experience. Our team of dedicated, genuine individuals is determined to turn your dreams into reality by respecting your wishes and needs.

The essence of L&L PROMOTION lies in our deep love for the Haute-Savoie region and for real estate. It’s this passion that drives us to work with trusted local craftsmen in Vétraz. Their craftsmanship guarantees not only excellent quality, but also transparency and constant monitoring of your property project in the Vétraz region.