Why invest in Cluses?

Cluses is the 4th largest town in the Haut-Savoyard département, ideally located in the Arve Valley in the heart of the Alps. It’s a great place to live. Renowned as the world capital of screw-cutting and the cradle of watchmaking, Cluses is a very dynamic town that enjoys a highly sought-after proximity to Geneva and the major ski resorts of Haute-Savoie : Samoëns, Morillon, Chamonix… 

With its peaceful, residential quality of life, the town of Cluses puts the emphasis on cultural life and the well-being of its residents, thanks to a multitude of shops of all kinds, as well as events and activities all year round.

Plan your family life in a town that ticks all the right boxes: municipal swimming pool, cinema, sports clubs, concert halls, theatre, museum, etc.

Why buy a new house or flat in Cluses?

Buying a new flat in Cluses offers many advantages. Thanks to the Leman Express train, the town is well connected, especially with Geneva. The presence of motorway and rail links increases the value of nearby properties.

Its proximity to Switzerland opens up employment opportunities and tourist attractions. The strategic location of Cluses ensures growing rental demand, making rental investment profitable.

The town of Cluses is eligible for the Pinel law and offers Prêt à Taux Zéro (PTZ) opportunities, providing tax and financial incentives for buyers.

Our projects in Cluses

L&L Promotion is preparing a programme of semi-detached houses.

L&L, property developer in Cluses

With a decade of expertise in the Arve Valley and Haute-Savoie, L&L PROMOTION is your partner of choice for all your property projects in Cluses. Our team of dedicated and passionate professionals is ready to guide you step by step through the adventure of buying a new property in Cluses. We understand the importance of every decision, and we’re here to address all your concerns.

Our passion is not limited to real estate. As lovers of the region and the mountains, we are deeply rooted in the local culture. This proximity has led us to work with artisans from Cluses and the valley. L&L Promotion stands out from the crowd with its continuous and transparent monitoring of every stage of your property project in Cluses.