How did Morillon became the star of social media ?

In the heart of the French Alps, the village of Morillon shines under the spotlight of social media, attracting the attention of visitors from around the world. It was in a video broadcast during the 8 PM news bulletin that the magic of this small alpine village was revealed, captivating viewers with its authentic charm and privileged access to the Grand Massif ski area.

The village charms visitors in search of authenticity and a change of scenery. But it’s not just its aesthetics that draw attention; it’s also the welcoming and friendly atmosphere that reigns in its lively streets.

This sudden fame on social media has propelled Morillon into the spotlight, attracting a new wave of visitors eager to discover the hidden treasures of this picturesque alpine village. With its unique blend of traditional charm and digital modernity, Morillon continues to captivate hearts and minds, asserting its place as one of the trendiest destinations this winter

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